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Zorays Solar Bijli Pakistan

Zorays Solar Bijli Pakistan seeks to harness its exclusive, cutting-edge technology and innovative creativity to deliver global solutions that cater to consumers’ daily needs.

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Instrumentation World

Civil Machinery, Mining Apparatus, PVT Analysis, Oil Recovery, Natural Gas & Crude Oil Testing, and Hydraulic Fracture Conductivity equipment.

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Titantwister – Digital Art and Creative

Brand naming, Identity design and Logos, Web designing and Web development, WordPress integrations and Php edits, Video mastering, Motion Tracked Video detailing, Timelapse, and Animation Videography, Mobile Applications with Push Notifications, Desktop Shortcuts with .exe files, Secured Facebook Tabs, Instagram, Google Plus, LinkedIn Clients Setup for Logins, Blogging for Purpose, Google Analytics and Online Advert Management, Whatsapp and Bulk SMS Messaging

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Desi Hip Merchandise Online Retail Store inspired from Bollywood and Truck Art. Same week delivery.

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